Purple SR Fit Legacy Band - Single 41" Resistance band (35-85 lbs)

  • $19.95

UNLIKE OTHER BANDS that tear after a few workouts, are poorly made, or too thin, our Resistance Bands are BUILT TO LAST. The 41” loop bands are the perfect length to add resistance to any body weight exercise.

  BUILD STRENGTH – Use the resistance band for pull up assistance so you can do your first pull up OR add the band to major lifts like squat or bench press to reach new levels!  Just so many options with this band.  Whatever your goal, these bands can help you get there.

STAY IN SHAPE ANYWHERE – Throw an exercise band in your bag or car and you’ll have exercise options where ever you go!

TRUSTED BY ATHLETES – Whether you are the Athlete, Coach or Trainer; the SR Fit Band will help unlock your potential and get the most out of your training.

CUSTOMER CARE PROMISE – Contact us at anytime if you are not absolutely happy and we will replace or refund your order!


Band Details

    • Professional grade bands made of continuous layers of latex

    • 41” loop resistance band

    • Made of natural latex rubber

    • Each unit is one band

Strength Levels

    • Red | 15-35 lbs

    • Black | 25-65 lbs

    • Purple | 35-85 lbs (currently on this listing)

    • Green | 50-125 lbs

    Exercise Ideas

    (There are so many options but here are a few)
      • Squats – Bodyweight squat or barbell squats to build stronger legs
      • Pull Up –Add assistance to do pull ups and build your lats
      • Chest press –Build your chest, arms and shoulders with chest press
      • Back rows – Strengthen your mid back and biceps
      • Deadlift – From your hamstrings to your traps, get stronger with bodyweight deadlift or barbell deadlifts
      • Curls – Grab the band and build some bigger biceps
      • Shoulder press – Forge stronger shoulders and triceps
      • Tricep push downs – Triceps are larger than biceps so don’t forget these!
      • Stretching

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